Community-driven pixel art on the Cardano blockchain

1000 Infected Keens and 9 Infected Specials

6810 Original CryptoKeens

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Minting price
The price to mint is 20 ADA. You can mint up to 10 Infected Keens per transaction.

How to mint
Send the right amount of ADA to the minting address below. You will receive your Infected Keens in the same wallet that you send the ADA from.

Use a Cardano wallet
Do not send ADA from an exchange address. Use a Cardano Wallet like Daedalus, Yoroi or Nami.

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Copy address

1 Infected Keen = 20 ADA
2 Infected Keens = 40 ADA
10 Infected Keens = 200 ADA

policy id: dd3b1ce343c05e626940ccf4433ed4e6809f917524e3bcf8b579b407

Infected Airdrops

480 Infected Keens airdropped to OG Crypto Keen holders.

Whitelist mint

520 Infected Keens and 9 Special Keens during a 24 hour window.

Public mint

All remaining Infected Keens and Special Keens sold out in less than 72 hours

Crypto Keens
Crypto Keens are a collection of 6810 randomly generated characters composed of 77 different tags.

Infected Keens
Infected Keens are a collection of 1000 randomly generated charachters and 9 Special Infected characters.

Types and rarities
Both the Crypto Keens and the Infected Keens are listed on CNFT tools.

Both Crypto Keens and Infected Keens are verified on


Distribution: 15

Extraterrestrials. What are their intentions? Are they friend or foe?


Distribution: 114

Stylish, sentient and unapologetically smooth. What are they doing? Can they read?


Distribution: 533

Gold, Black and Silver Cyborgs. All iterations had some success but how did some go rogue?


Distribution: 1169

Trained and battle hardened. Always on edge but what are they fighting for?


Distribution: 1948

Some of them were the first to see it coming. Others just didn't want to see it. How will they fend for themselves?


Distribution: 3031

Waking up in a totally different world. No longer top of the food chain. Will they survive?


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